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Minglaba is a greeting in Burmese meaning prosperity, blessing or anything auspicious, joyous and festive.  

In 2013, Stella cycled 1000 miles throughout the Pacific Northwest, connecting Burmese Refugee Communities.  She also cycled 1000 miles in Burma to bring attention to border refugees needing healthcare.  Each journey boosted the efforts of a regional organization. Northwest Communities of Burma and theMae Tao Clinic

Quite a few have subscribed to this blog to track her progress.  Some have participated in a ride-along.  Some have provided sag support and many have volunteered at the picnics and sport events.

Northwest Summer Ride – COMPLETED AUGUST 10, 2013!

NWCB PayPal1000 cycling miles connected Burmese communities of the Puget Sound to those in Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver BC, and Portland, Oregon. Proceeds benefited the Northwest Communities of Burma (NWCB), an organization aiming to build community and remove barriers for Burma refugees and immigrants in the Pacific Northwest.


Burma Biking – COMPLETED November 19,2013!

Donate to MTC1000 Burma miles connected Karen, Shan, Burman,Kayah, Mon and Palaung ethnic communities. The effort was to benefit the Mae Tao Clinic, a health care provider and training center for displaced Burmese and ethnic people on the Thai/Burma border. Stella culminated the sabbatical journey assisting the clinic with school health assessments and World AIDS Day planning.  Click on the organization logos to visit their sites.